Bushkin Anti-Theft Travel Money Belt Non-Metal Buckle, Black

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Bushkin money belt is a "must have" travel gadget to have. The zippered compartment on the back of the non metallic, discreet looking belt will keep your money secure from pick pockets. Only keep enough money in your wallet for the amount you will need for the day. Leave the rest safe, in your money belt. Just make sure to always take your money out in private.

It's always good to have a backup, when travelling because there are two things that can ruin your holiday; running out of money and getting caught with your pants down. 

  • Safe Travel Money Belt: Discreet zippered compartment in the back of the belt combined with RFID blocking material, will keep your cash and information safe in crowded places.
  • Extra wide but Light: Makes it easy to store your cash, paper copy of your passport and other important documents. There is also a secret pocket to hold an encrypted SD or Micro SD card that will contain a backup scan of your passport, credit cards, and other important documents.
  • Adjustable Size: Fits persons with 66 cm to 107 cm (26" to 42") waist so the belt can easily be shared with family members
  • Material: Non metallic so it can be worn through the airport security without having to take it off. YKK zipper and non slip plastic clasp buckles ensures that your belt is secure and will not come loose.