USB Windproof Sensitive Touch Tungsten Plasma Fingerprint Arc Lighter

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Arc Lighters works by creating a small electrical arc between two ceramic electrodes. This arc is smaller but much hotter than the flame from conventional lighters.  Since there is no flame, you can use it by holding it upside down.  It operates anytime anywhere, even in windy conditions.  You don't have to worry about refilling the lighter with fuel.  You can simply recharge it through the USB port on your computer.  One charge will be able to light over 100 times. 


Model Number: ZB099
Material: Metal
Brand Name: FOCUS
Model Type: Touch Sensitive USB Electronic Lighter
Fire Type: Tungsten Wire
Function: Cigarette Lighter, Luxury Gift For Men
Condition: 2018 Brand New, High Quality Metal
Feature: Rechargable, Flameless, Windproof, Portable, LED Display
Extra function: Double Side Iginite, Power Display, Touch Sensitive,
Use for:  Everyday Use, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Travelling