Mini Wireless Anti-Spy Device - RF Signal Detector, GPS Tracker Detector and Hidden Camera Detector

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Mini Wireless Anti-Spy device. It will find RF signal transmitters, hidden cameras and GPS trackers to ensure that your rental home or accomodation is completely free from wireless transmitting or recording devices when travelling.  

Size: 65 X 48 X15mm
Connection Type: Wireless
Power: 5V
Brand Name: OWGYML
Zone Number: Wireless Signal Detector
Arming Type: FR Remote-controller
Video Interface: No
Password Keyboard: No
Display: No
Alarm Type: The Alarm
Model Number: CC308
Name: Signal Detector
Alarm mode: Sound
Detection Frequency Range: 1MHz-6.5GHz
Feature 1: GSM Alarm/Detector hidden camera/gsm camera alarm
Material: Plastic
Antenna length: 123mm
RF signal detector: Wireless FNR Full-Frequency Detector
Gsm signal detector: Wireless Signal Detector/Laser Alarm
Feature 2: Wireless RF Signal Detector
Number: 1403040